My name is Hicham Elzabadani (aka zaba, hich, abou kareem, zabadouni, and many more) and this is my blog. I started this blog in 2005 while doing my Ph.D. in Florida. back then it was mainly featuring my research work. It started evolving into more areas of interest like photography, poetry, and adventures as soon as I moved to Dubai in 2008.

I always had a passion for entrepreneurship since I was a kid. Being in Dubai and working as a professor, I spent lots of time and effort working on new business ideas. Unfortunately, most of these business ideas never saw light and the ones that did, failed to survive. I never gave up on my dreams. Around 2012, I co-founded Brndstr with couple of brilliant and like-minded entrepreneurs. Brndstr is a global content-marketing platform that offers Real Time solutions to Brands and Agencies. We help companies from around the world build engaging marketing campaigns on social media platforms like twitter and instagram.

in 2014, I decided it is time for a new challenge. With the help of my brother, I founded Rails. Rails is a gaming cafe that offers a fun and relaxing atmosphere where customers can enjoy playing billiards, network games, PS4, foosball, and a selection of food and drinks.

In this blog, I try to share my experience and talk about the challenges facing entrepreneurs when starting new companies. In addition, you’ll find reviews of the latest technology. Of course not to forget my passion of photography and adventures. I hope you enjoy this space and for any feedback or questions please do not hesitate to contact me on info@zabadani.net

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